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At Nenen, we have over two decades of expertise in social media marketing (seriously, we've been around a long time). With the integral role social media has in today's society, businesses cannot afford to miss out on leveraging its power. Sharing multimedia, microblogging, building networks, and creating a social media buzz are essential to the management of an online reputation, and that's what we're best at.

If you've looked into our SEO services, you'll know we suggest at least 6 months of time investment before you start seeing a result. Social media optimisation (SMO) has the benefit of providing a more instantaneous result in comparison to search engines.

How Does SMO Work?

SMO seems simple enough at the surface level, but it's far from easy to get right. There are lots of ingredients to the perfect ad campaign, from creating appealing visual multimedia content, matching expertly generated copywriting, and employing technical knowledge in terms of user behaviour and psychology. All of this tends to result in the following:

  • Improving follower counts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Increasing engagement with content
  • Potential for content to go viral
  • Consolidating your brand image via your online presence
  • Optimising your other online marketing strategies such as SEO due to the benefit of backlinking
Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media isn't the future anymore – it's the present. If you're used to one-way, traditional advertising, it's time to make your company fit for the digital age.

  • Build a community: Look at the magnates of every industry and you'll notice how a sense of community is central to the business model. It helps build customer loyalty, get people excited about your product or service, and allows you to maintain a strong public reputation. The symbiosis of social media and business is undeniable, and SMO allows you to leverage it.
  • Establish a brand: There's no value in creating the most beautiful piece of art if nobody ever sees it. Your company, your message, and your mission are sacred to you, but to build and establish a brand, you need to be heard. Social media provides you with a platform to do exactly that.
  • Generate traffic: Organic traffic is always preferred to paid traffic, and it's more likely to result in conversions. Additionally, quality traffic is more preferred to voluminous traffic – we'd all prefer 10 serious customers walking through the door rather than 1000 customers who are interested in having a quick gaze at the product. Social media allows you to generate highly targeted and specific advertising campaigns to help you get results.

At Nenen, we like to work with projects we believe in. By understanding your business model, your value proposition, your USP, and your audience, we are able to build powerful marketing campaigns with exceptional commitment.

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