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  • Relevant, targeted, marketing
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Pay per click, or PPC, is a popular online advertising model that runs on search engines, websites, blogs, and other advertising networks. It's a tool that is quite easy to understand – every time someone clicks on an ad, the advertiser gets a charge.

Websites that use PPC adverts display an ad when a search engine query matches one of the keywords an advertiser is using. You've probably seen these all over the internet – they're frequently displayed as "Sponsored Links".

Strategy is Everything

Clicks aren't always equal, and advertisers need to estimate the value per click based on the type of traffic they're wanting, and what type of traffic they're expecting. This allows you to understand the potential gains you may receive with PPC campaigns.

There's no use getting dud clicks – your campaign needs to be very carefully designed to ensure you get a return on your investment. Nenen does this by considering things like the keywords displayed, how best to capture attention, geotargeting traffic, and peak user times when designing a PPC campaign. Whether you're looking to start an effective PPC campaign in Dubai or globally, Nenen can help.

Benefits of PPC
  • Budget Option: PPC campaigns can be budgeted on a daily basis, which can be a helpful solution if you're working within a budget.
  • Instant Traffic: We tend to recommend PPC campaigns for newer websites – it delivers quite quickly, and you'll be able to see results and start increasing traffic to a new website.
  • Foundations: PPC can lay the groundwork for an eventually effective SEO campaign. You don't need to think of each service in isolation; in fact, the whole benefit of an online marketing agency in Dubai is that all the services work best when employed together.
Nenen PPC Campaigns

We mainly generate PPC campaigns on the following platforms:

  • Google AdWords
  • Yahoo! Search Marketing
  • Microsoft adCenter

These three search engine platforms operate on a complex formula based on bid prices and quality scores (essentially how relevant a keyword is to your website). Based on the overall quality of your advert, the position of your ad is determined by the search engine platform.

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