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If you're running an SME, you'll understand how crucial your online presence is to your company's reputation. Having a professional website is important to build customer trust, and it's even more important to ensure this looks attractive on a smaller screen. Websites which are not optimised for mobile users appear jumbled, confusing, and can be difficult to navigate.

There are two main solutions to this problem. Firstly, ensuring a website is optimised for all screen sizes i.e. it's a responsive website. Secondly, and one that many larger enterprises have been taking up, is the development of a mobile app.

Advantages of Mobile Websites

Mobile websites are a simple, cost-effective way of ensuring your mobile users still get the same, seamless, engaging experience they'd get on a computer screen. Our team at Nenen is well versed in both design and functionality of mobile websites, so we know how to get you the right look on the smaller screen.

It isn't unheard of that mobile websites get more traffic than computer-based websites; after all, most people spend their time browsing on a mobile phone. If you're running gorgeous ad campaigns on social media platforms (which are often mobile-based), there's no point sending your potential clients to a jumbled, distorted shop window.

Advantages of App Development

If you're ready for the next step in your business journey, developing an app is the pinnacle of professionalism. Nenen is a huge believer in data-driven marketing, and mobile apps provide a lot more data with regarding to traffic analysis, user actions, and user experience.

Apps can allow you to expand your service provision. Whether you're a hotel trying to set up a booking network, a restaurant creating a loyalty programme, or a service provider giving your clients more visibility into your services, an app is the ultimate way of taking your business to the next step. Nenen has designed some unique, engaging and successful apps.

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