Email Marketing

email marketing campaigns

  • promoting your services
  • building your brand
  • developing customer relationships
  • increasing your sales

Email marketing campaigns are also considered to be one of the most effective and measurable marketing tools. An email marketing campaign has many unique benefits such as:

promoting your services, building your brand, developing customer relationships and also increasing your sales. Your aim is to get your key message in front of your target audience to stimulate a response. The “who, what & when” factors will influence your marketing campaigns success.

Who should I market to?

While starting an email marketing campaign, you must firstly be able to define your target market and audience. Are they existing or prospective clients? Very different messages are needed depending on the audience.

What is an Effective Use of Email Marketing Campaigns?

For a successful communications your audience must feel a message has relevance to them.
Nenen looks at your objectives, audience and tailor the creative message to suit them, be it text or design aspects.

Here are some ideas on what to communicate in your email marketing campaigns:

Special Offers - Packages, monthly specials, coupons, or discounts, are traditional direct marketing techniques that translate extremely well to email campaigns.

Technology - the format of the email and distribution method.

Creative medium and marketing message - it is important to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and think what message would draw the most attention or get the highest response. Inviting your guests to local events, festivals, concerts, or area happenings is a highly-effective email marketing technique.

Personal Emails - A personal email message from the sales department of the hotel offering aspecial weekend package, weekly manager's specials or an invitation to exciting local events is a personal way of increasing customer loyalty and potentially selling distressed room inventory. Sending a "thank you" for their past visits with a short survey is a great way of getting guest feedback and repeat customers!

What is the difference between Permission-based Email Marketing vs. Spamming?

Permission email is the most cost-effective marketing tool of all time, operating on the premise that the recipient of your message has in some way established a relationship with you by indicating an interest in your product or offer, such as website opt-in, and has given you permission to contact them.

Spamming is sending unsolicited commercial email using broadcast methods to multiple recipients without first establishing a relationship with them (permission) and without regard to their categorical interests (untargeted).

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