E-mail & WhatsApp Marketing
Multichannel, comprehensive marketing

There's a fine line between ending up in the junk folder, and creating an e-mail campaign that people are interested in reading. When used properly, with an understanding of marketing, e-mail campaigns are some of the most successful conversion tools ever. At Nenen, we like to understand what your expected results are from your marketing campaigns – are you looking at prospective or existing clients? What sort of message are you trying to send? What part of your business are you looking to boost?

What is an Effective Use of E-mail Marketing Campaigns?
  • Special Offers: An e-mail subject that says "10% off" is going to be very differently received to an e-mail that says "There's a sale!". If you have a special offer, package, coupon, or discount, you need powerful messaging to go with it to make sure you get a click.
  • Personalised Service: A good service is always well received, and the right e-mail campaign can enable you to boost customer loyalty.
  • Announcements: If you have a new website, spring collection, interesting recipes, a sparkling new food menu, or a product you're super excited to share, you need to get the word out! An e-mail campaign is a great way to do it, particularly if you're trying to talk to existing customers.
Permission-Based E-mail Marketing vs Spamming

Spamming is sending unsolicited commercial email using broadcast methods to multiple recipients, without first establishing a relationship with them (getting permission) and without regard to their categorical interests (untargeted). Long-story short – it's totally useless.

Permission-based e-mail is a cost-effective method of marketing that operates on the premise that the recipient of your message has an established relationship with you and has previously indicated interest in your product. There's no point selling a pen to someone that doesn't want to buy a pen.

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